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Fall in love with taking care of yourself.
Mind. Body. Spirit.

About the Studio

We are primarily focused on offering a holistic approach to yoga for everybody in the Bakersfield community.  Our founder opened The Haven as a place where all are welcomed, regardless of fitness level or background, who have a desire to explore and deepen their personal yoga practice in a comfortable inclusive space- a haven.  She has traveled the world doing yoga and wanted to bring the world inside for those unable to do the same.  Thus, we have an atmosphere that allows you to travel feel carried away while remaining present on your mat.  The earthy  grounded and welcoming space is truly unique and an incredible way to experience the practice.

The foundation of our practice combines this immersive experience along  with a full list of  quality classes for an inner emotional and spiritual journey.  By integrating this experience with yoga fundamentals -mind, body, breath, movement, and meditation, we strive to promote an understanding of the interdependency of all these aspects in your personal health and wellbeing. A modern sensory approach rooted deeply in yogic tradition.

The studio is designed with a low-carbon footprint and natural holistic concept.  We only use organic cleaning supplies, low toxic recycled flooring, and eco-friendly sustainable mats & blocks. We are committed to low toxic and sustainable living and offer our members a vast variety of retail options to create a healthy low toxic lifestyle.  Come check out our facility and retail offerings during business hours.

Our schedule is designed with you in mind offering classes in the early am, mid-morning and evening to fit your busy life.  We also want to make sure there is a class for everyone, and everyone is welcome.  Inclusivity is our goal and whether this is your 1st class or your 100th class, there is a place for you at The Haven. 


We have two studios Body Balance (heated yoga classes) and Body Challenge (non-heated fitness classes).  We have a variety of classes to meet all your fitness needs.

See Class schedule for a full list of times and contact the studio for any questions. We have a vast variety of times with over 50 classes a week. In addition, we offer private events and personal training (appointment with studio only). See you on your mat.

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About the Studio


"Seek to be whole, not perfect."

- Oprah

Meet the Team

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